The TITAN PCB Spindle Range has been specifically designed for fabricators who wish to upgrade the performance of their existing drilling machines. The Range includes spindles that have been tried and tested, offering proven benefits in terms of higher speed, superior accuracy, longer working life and greater productivity.

For small hole and micro drilling, 100,000 rpm spindles have been designed.

In addition, TITAN has applied for a patent of a revolutionary new concept for tool retention the 'tensor'. Such developments reflect TITAN's commitment to the PCB industry.

Engraving the lettering for tire molds
Slotting and profiling of fine-wood boards (dashboards)
Plastics and nickel-silver in the eyeglass industry
Aluminum and other metals - aerospace industry
Deburring of aluminum wheel rims
Various metals: cams and guide ways
Precision engraving
Nickel-silver and other metals: cam and slot milling - wrench and key manufacturing
Soft iron, aluminum and plastics for precision electric motors
Profile milling and chamfering (multi-Way connectors) of PCBs
Slot milling and facing in the photographic and optics industry
Hard and soft wood - musical instruments, furniture industry
Mounting slots and keyways - mechanical and machine tools industries
Profiles rails - wood, plastics and aluminum - furniture and window manufacture
Printing rolls, copy milling
Camera bayonet mounts
Deburring, profiles milling of aluminum and plastics, carbon fiber materials, Kevlar aerospace, automotive industries
Rubber and plastic trims for automobiles
Parting-off of composite materials (inside vehicle roof linings)
Tread grooves in test tires for motor cycles (profiling)
Grooves and profiles in laminated wood, hard and soft plastics, aluminum panels for electric sign advertising
Graphite, copper, 3-D milling for electrode manufacture
Edge milling V2A/V4A (tank for rockets)
3-D milling, hard UP foam moldings (automotive industry, head supports, etc., suitcase linings)
Composite materials (plastic-coated steel tube) for vehicle steering systems
Milling of brass and aluminum roller dies and molds for biscuits, cookies and chocolate
Profile milling of decorative door plates
Honeycomb material (aluminum and resin-bonded paper) for aircraft construction
Pertinax holders for die-punched articles (packaging industry)
Steel-wheel numbering machines -D milling of glass, ceramics and titanium (dental industry)
Turn-milling of contact lenses
Turn-milling of plastic spectacle glasses