3D Contouring Power with 4000 Block Lookahead upgradeable
Open Architecture Flexibility and obsolescence protection by use of PC technology
PC based Open Architecture 64bit CNC Control Chipset Technology
AMD Athalon or Intel Pentium Series Processor Industrial Grade Motherboard.
Parallel Processing High performance and modularity 4 Microprocessors for 3 Axes system
256 Megabytes RAM installed upgradeable
15” color digital monitor for clear large Graphic Simulation
Entire unit is housed in an Industrial Grade Cabinet and does not require Air Conditioning
Linear and Circular Interpolation capable of 3 Dimensional Simultaneous Movement
Upgradeability -- 4 Axis ready control
Canned Cycles -- Built in Bolt hole drilling, Peck drilling cycles
Tool Offset Table -- 100 tools
Standard G & M Codes
CNC Software -- User Friendly
CAM -- Integrates with all 3D CAM softwares
Editor -- Wordprocessor style
Graphics -- Inbuilt with 3D simulation, Tool Path Graphics
Programs -- Superlative Program Storage capacity, Programs by Name or Number
Capability to store over 10000 Part Programs
Program Memory good for >20000 Block Program
Jog Menu
Backlash Compensation
Online Help
Command type Absolute and Incremental

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